Kiernan Shipka's Style Video Is So Cute, You Guys (VIDEO)

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We're devoted fans of "Mad Men," but we have a huge confession to make: despite Don's (external) dreaminess, our favorite character is probably Sally Draper, who's precociously played by 12-year-old Kiernan Shipka.

Our realities merged, then, when Shipka sat down recently with Bazaar editor Laura Brown for a video on Harper's Bazaar's new Hello Style YouTube channel, in her awesome cap toe Chanel boots and a Little Marc blouse to chat about everything from Jimmy Fallon to Instagram. (When we were her age, we were also wearing some fancy couture-y brands, like Gap Kids and Wet Seal.)

It gets cooler. Not only does Shipka rock a Chloe Kids cape on set, but she sews some of her own clothes. Laura Brown is impressed. Seriously, this girl is only 12?

Watch below to find out why every girl needs a pair of back-up go-go boots.


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