Kate Upton Photo Shoot Feels More High Fashion In Interview Russia (PHOTOS)

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If you thought that Kate Upton's specific breed of blonde bombshellness was only appreciated stateside, think again. Even though Vogue, the ultimate style bible in the US, has already embraced her American-as-apple-pie appeal, it looks like the international fashion community has finally welcomed the model into their exclusive world.

Interview Russia, one of the international editions of Andy Warhol's "Crystal Ball of Pop," featured Kate in a shoot for their August issue. And don't think for a second that they were looking to capitalize off her infamous curves -- the spread is all about hair.

In fact, the magazine completely avoided the GQ route and didn't even give readers more than the 20-year-old's clavicle. The coiffed hair takes center stage as the model is done up in hyperbolically retro styles. In one shot, she has Sophia Loren-esque hair and thickly penciled-in eyebrows. In another, Kate hides half of her face in a hard-as-rock beehive.

These clearly aren't the usual images we see of her -- even Vogue gave us a full-body shot. But with the rumor mill continuing to buzz with Carine Roitfeld ties to the model, it's no wonder other international editors have taken notice. The real question is: Despite all of the hype, do you think there will be a more permanent place for Kate in the international high fashion world?


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